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The Cwmlech Manor is a series of steam punks short stories by Cordelia Caroline Sherman. The stories are set in Cwmlech Manor, Wales, and feature a clever young woman with a knack for engineering, a clever young nobleman, that loves science and clockworks, and a strong-willed ghost of his ancestor.


The Ghost of Cwmlech Manor
This is a steam-punk tale set on the border of Wales. It is the story of Tacy Gof, a young and extremely clever woman of relatively humble origin, that always wished to be an engineer, and to see the famous ghost of Cwmlech Manor. One day a new master moves into the manor, an expert of clockwork automatons and an inventor, and Tacy gets hired to work there, giving her an opportunity to follow both her dreams at once.
Despite not being a fan of the steampunk sub-genre, I really enjoyed this story, and I loved the characters.
The story appears in Steampunk!, a collection edited by Link and Grant. You can buy it here: [Amazon]. Or you can read it for free at [].

The Great Detective
An entertaining steampunk short story, in a clockwork version of Sherlock Holmes’ UK. While it can be enjoyed on its own, this is the sequel of The Ghost of Cwmlech Manor, and I recommend reading the stories in order to enjoy them at the fullest (I did not, and I regretted it).
In this second installment, Sir Arthur Cwmlech’s home is robbed and the Illogic Engine, his prize invention, stolen, it is only natural that he and his clever assistant Miss Tacy Gof consult with another inventor, the great Mycroft Holmes, about who has taken it. But it is really Mr. Holmes’ Reasoning Machine who they are there to see, for it is only fitting for one automaton to opine on a matter concerning the fate of another of its kind.
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