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The Stan trilogy is a series of novelette by American science fiction writer Dennis Danvers. While there are sci-fi elements to the story, the reader is always left wondering if those are supposed to be real, or just the result of the delusion of the main character, Stan. The trilogy has a very strong beginnings, with incredible characters, and extremely touching moments. The two sequels are less strong, and could potentially be skipped, but they do provide a satisfying ending to an incredible story.
The three novelettes should be read in publication order to avoid spoilers.


Adult Children of Alien Beings
Published: August 2015
This is the story of the emotional journey of a man seeking the truth about his parents, who were always rather odd, and his own heritage. The story is very original, adroitly written, and it is often funny, and touching.
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Orphan Pirates of the Spanish Main
Published: May 2016
As for the previous book, while this is a science fiction novelette, the sci-fi element seems to be more a narrative expedient, or a delusion of the main character. But while the first story is very original, adroitly written, and often funny, and touching, this second installment is much less so: a lot of the unique magic and incredible nuances of the characters are gone. Despite that, it is still a quite enjoyable story.
In this book Stan and his brother Ollie, the children of alien (or just crazy human) parents, receive a mysterious postcard from their father, who with their mother, disappeared decades earlier into the “Abyss” in New Mexico. Along with Stan’s new wife, they decide to travel again to the abyss, looking for them.
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Once More Into The Abyss
Published: July 2016
This third book regains some of the magic of the first part, that was lost in the second, and close Stan’s saga with a touching (yet a little disturbing) ending.
Stan’s wife get a new job, that brings the entire extended family to the mysterious abyss where their parents either perished or went back to their alien home among the stars.
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