Dragonlance – The Minotaurs Series by Richard A. Knaak

Dragonlance is a D&D fantasy setting created by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. In 1984 TSR published the first Dragonlance novel, and the rest is history: dragonlance is one of the most famous and loved fantasy world of all time. As of today, more than 200 dragonlance novels have been published, and it may be hard to decide which book to read, and in what order. This post does not concentrate on the core novels, but on one of less famous, but highly recommended “side” series: the minotaur series. The books of the series are not collected in a single official Dragonlance trilogy, they are spread across many, but they feature the same characters and a quite intriguing plot line that increases in complexity and scope over the years. The series is independent from the other dragonlance books, i.e. it could be read as a stand-alone series. Still, reading the main “dragonlance chronicles” trilogy may provide some useful background.

This post identifies the books of the dragonlance minotaurs series and the recommended reading order.

The adventures of Kaz the Minotaur quartet

The first four books follow Kaz as he fights against dragons in disguise, and even the gods, to save his race, and the whole world.



The Legend of Huma

This is the story of Huma, the legendary hero often mentioned in the Dragonlance Chronicle trilogy. The story is relatively simple, but it is never boring, and the characters are quite interesting. The only disappointment is the central love story between the hero and the mysterious silver dragon: what should have been a moving and heart breaking love story is instead quite sterile and un-moving. Despite the shortcoming, it is quite an enjoyable book.
This is the book that introduces Kaz, here as a side character, helping Huma against the hordes of evil.

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Kaz the Minotaur

Kaz the minotaur is the sequel of the Legend of Huma, and should not be read as a stand-alone story. It follows the adventure of Kaz after the last dragonwar. Kaz is trying to settle down, but he is forced back into action to confront a familiar evil from the past.

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Kaz and the dragon (in The Dragons of Krynn)

The dragons of Krynn is a collection of short stories written by many of of the writers of the first Dragonlance Tales book series, including Douglas Niles, Richard A. Knaak, Nancy Varian Berberick, and many others. Particularly remarkable is the short story “Kaz and the dragon”, featuring one of the most beloved characters of Krynn.

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Land of the Minotaurs

Land of the Minotaurs is the third book of the adventure of Kaz. In this book follows Kaz is trying to settle down with his family, but he is forced back into action, and back to his homeland, Nethosak, to confront an ancient evil.

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The next generation

Reavers of the Blood Sea

During the hottest summer in memory, minotaurs fight against the Knights of Takhisis, into whose hands their god Sargonnas has delivered them. In the midst of the conflict, the armies of Chaos plunge into the heart of Ansalon.

Now the minotaur warrior Aryx, a descendent of Kaz,  must unite his people and their enemy, the knights, against the monstrous servants of Chaos. If he succeeds, the two sides may forge a bond that will change Krynn for all time.

If he fails, then they will all perish.

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The minotaur wars trilogy


This trilogy is set in the Age of mortals, and it is a direct follow-up to the best-selling War of Souls trilogy. As the War of Souls envelops Krynn, a terrifying Night of Blood brings power to a new ruling clan in the land of the minotaurs. The usurper owes his might to a restless legion of the dead and a pact forged with the ancient enemies of the horned empire. The struggle for power and riches spawns the Minotaur Wars . . . and threatens to sweep across the entire continent of Ansalon.

Night of Blood

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Tides of Blood

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Empire of Blood

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The Legend of Huma
In 2008, Devil’s Due publishing released a comics adaptation of “the legend of Huma”. The graphical novel is extremelly close to the original book, and was received with mixed reviews by the public.

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